The Hanging | Photography by Louis Martins

The Hanging | Photography by Louis Martins

"The original ending for 'The Living Dead' involved a grainy and distorted video clip of the character in a balaclava making a suicide video. After a few viewings I felt as though something was missing, so I decided to look for an alternative. It was during this process that I stumbled upon a piece of music by Emmett Cooke, a very talented Irish composer. The track sounded like an old music box that a child might have, very eerie and unsettling. After listening to the track several times I visualised an alternative ending, an ending which would focus on the fate of the doll character. After filming the segment it all fitted together perfectly. The ending with the doll character hanging in the window has a very strong impact, but also acts as a metaphor for how 'The Man' had failed in his quest for control".

- Louis Martins (Poet102)

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