From an early age I have been fascinated by zombie movies. I became hooked after watching Dawn of the Dead (1978) directed by George E. Romero. I found the relentless nature of the zombie hordes fascinating to watch as the characters attempted to survive. I also loved the element of comedy as these films merged horror and the ridiculous in a delightful way. With this as my inspiration I set out to create a variety of scenes that captured the atmosphere and spirit of the classic zombie movies of the 70’s and 80’s. I hope I have done them justice and that you enjoy the collection.

- Louis Martins Photography
House of the DeadZombie Helicopter Dash #1Zombie LoveCorridor of DoomPreludeNo EscapeNo EscapeRevenge at the End of the TunnelNo RemorseZombie SunsetSurroundedZombie CorridorZombie Love (An Ending)ZombieGet to the ChopperZombies in a CorridorZombies in the HouseZombiesHouse of the Dead (BW)Surrounded