Rates and Services: Film


Louis’ film career encompasses several genres from theatrical films, music videos, documentaries and showcase production. Louis’ films have a serene quality and his cinematic view of the world gives his work a sense of atmosphere, emotion and drama. Louis designs his own concepts, scores each project with music to perfectly compliment the visual story and creates visually stunning films that have received international acclaim.

Official Video [HD] | Produced by Louis Martins


Bespoke Film Production

Individual projects are quoted based on the services required. For a full quote and price breakdown please contact Louis with full details of your requirement via the following link:



Hourly Rates

Please use the contact page to make enquiries about hiring Louis by the day:


The roles Louis can fulfil are detailed below:


- Director

- Producer

- Cinematographer

- Concept Design

- Director of Photography

- Scoring

- Video Editor

- Videographer